A recent project -

A turn key solution. Pre treatment, dry off oven, powder booth, curing oven, conveyors and a heated spray room provided by Paint Finishing Solutions

A fully integrated pre-treatment process. Bespoke automated system to improve efficiency, quality and safety,


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Eight Weeks

Paint finishing equipment that works.

What problem were you trying to solve with our services?

  • “We identified an area of growth in our business which required changes to our plant equipment.”
  • “There were several areas for improvement with our previous arrangement and it was important to improve the efficiency of our handling process.”

How did Paint Finishing Solutions stand out?

  • “There were a number of barriers to this project in particular fitting the large equipment in the space we had available. Paint Finishing Solutions worked closely with our team to alter our layout to ensure it worked for us.”
  • “We didn’t need to look at other options with other suppliers because PFS put various different options on the table to find us the best deal.”

Which features sold you on buying this system?

  • Automation was very important as previously a manual system was causing issues with manual handling, pre-treatment and throughput.”

What made you happiest about working with Paint Finishing Solutions?

  • “From our experience, they have an incredible dedication to their customers. This shows in the excellent service and results they can deliver.”

What have you been able to achieve since your installation was completed?

  • “Previously we were experiencing a bottleneck in our manufacturing process. Our new equipment has improved efficiency and allows us to further grow in this sector of business. We are very happy.”

Would you recommend Paint Finishing Solutions?

  • “Yes. We have already recommended them to other manufacturers. The levels of service make it a very easy recommendation.”
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