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a complete supplier for all paintshop equipment, spare parts, and related ancillaries.

Paint Finishing Solutions can provide you with everything you require to paint your products, from a single gravity fed spray gun to a fully designed paint plant. We are happy to assist in finding you the right products for your specific needs.

Our staff are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and our offices are open 8.30AM-5PM Monday to Friday. Our friendly customer service team are always available to answer queries by email.

Over 30 years experience in the paint and coating industry

Situated in the East Midlands (Corby, Northamptonshire), Paint Finishing Solutions are perfectly placed to serve the entire country.

Since being formed in 2014, we have helped numerous clients achieve their desired results by engaging our combined experience of 30+ years in the paint and coatings industry.

By working with the worlds leading manufacturers, our portfolio is able to cover all paint finishing projects from start to finish, no matter how big or small the scale.

We are unique in our desire to provide a service and experience which is entirely tailored. We understand that each and every customer has completely different requirements. Our enhanced knowledge of paint systems allows us to design solutions to best meet your specific needs.

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